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Superior Metal Systems manufactures complete roofing systems including roof panels (both the 2-inch standing seam and the residential panels are available in 12-, 14-, or 16-inch widths), trim, gutters, downspouts, roof curbs, fasteners, clips, and closures.  Our products are available in a variety of gauges, colors, and finishes, including Kynar 500, and we can produce items in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. We are also capable of manufacturing light gauge trusses for a variety of roofing applications.  We also manufacture our patent pending SMS Wildlife Feeder for the serious trophy game hunter and grower.

SMS 416 Standing Seam Roof System for new or retrofit building

Basic Use: For roofing new buildings or re-roofing existing ones of any construction type. Specifically designed roof panels are secured to the structural system with concealed clips.  A mechanical seaming machine locks the seam securely to insure against leaks. Sliding clips provide for thermal expansion along slope. SMS 416 panels have 2 high ribs on 12 or 16 centers. Net width coverage of each panel is 12 or 16.  Panels are available in standard lenghts up to 45. Longer lengths are available upon request.

Materials: SMS 416 panels (LOC) are 24 or 22 gauge 50,000 psi steel.  Exterior finish is either AZ55 aluminum-zinc alloy-coated, pre-painted F90 zinc-alloy coated (galvanized) or pre-painted AZ50 aluminum-zinc alloy-coated. Pre-painted panels have Superior Metal Systems (Kynar 500) Finish.  Panel clips for the SMS 416 panels are two part assemblies. The tab portions are a nominal 2-3/8 in height and 3 in width, die formed 24 gauge aluminum coated steel. The bases are die formed 18 gauge zinc-coated (galvanized) steel.  Expansion capability is 1-1/4. SMS 416 roof panel sidelaps have factory applied mastic, Sika Sika-Caulk 501 or equal.  Its composition is 91% solids by weight.  Service temperature range is -60 degrees Fahrenheit to +250 degrees Fahrenheit.  The material meets or surpasses Fedreal Specifications TT-C-1796A.  Type I, Class A.

Technical Data: The SMS 416 panel has received a Class 90 Wind Uplift rating by Underwriters Laboratories when tested in accordance with test procedure UL 580.  The SMS 416 Roof panel has been tested in accordance with wind uplift ASTM E 1592. This panel has received a Class A fire rating when tested in accordance with test procedure ASTM E108.

SMS Light-Gauge Truss Systems

Superior Metal Systems manufactures two types of light-gauge trusses to meet your retrofit roofing needs.  One style of truss is produced from four-inch, cold-formed metal available in either a red-oxide or galvanized finish.  The more substantial trusses, also available in red-oxide or galvanized, are built from six-inch, cold-formed metal.  Our standard trusses are manufactured from open-C and true-C 16-gauge stock, but we can also produce truss systems in a variety of gauges and styles to meet your specific needs.  Truss systems include purlins, eave struts, base clips, bearing plates, strapping, and job-site screws.  Hat channel is the only extra-cost item not included in the truss package pricing.

SMS Wildlife Feeder

Advanced design allows deer to feed with an unobstructed view of surroundings thus protecting the health of the larger bucks. Keeps most feed off the ground minimizing the loss to scavengers.  Designed to minimize waste. Adjustable feed gate for proper feed distribution.  Wide stance enable stable platform. Has been tested successfully commercially.  Built to last a lifetime.

All galvanized construction. Hot dipped galvanized legs and food plate. Galvanized cone on center of plate leading into funnel to keep food on edges of plate, thus reducing spoiled food.  16 Gauge drum and rain skirt. All fasteners stainless steel. Copper anti-seize applied to bolts and nuts to prevent galling.  Step on leg for easy access.

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